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You Doubt Carnivore ?

Gym shot, taken today. I'm 57 years old, hitting lifetime personal bests. This is what eating carnivore does.

Sorry, had to brag. Do feel good though, energy is there, joint pain gone, am on 12% bodyfat, am in a good place with training and diet. Hasn't always been so, life has its ups and downs, this time a year ago was more down than up, difficult patch. Weight was 15kg higher, knees were giving me grief, felt stiff all over, all mostly the result of way too many liquid carbs, stress relief.

The carnivore diet is not a magic cure, I had to address some issues to turn things around, genuine problems that took some time to fix, but once I'd got over the hump then the benefits did start to kick in. Intermittent fasting and OMAD helped, and after I'd got some momentum happening energy levels rose, the kilos dropped and stayed off, and the personal records started to fall. The question now is how far can I take it, and how long can I keep it up. I have P.D. Mangan as a role model to match, he's about five years ahead of me and still in superb shape.

This is as much a part of my journey as my nutrition studies. In this blog I mostly deal with arguments, its a battle of ideas, but that's only part of the story, its also a battle of examples. If I am ever to speak with any authority in the nutrition space, it will be as much because of my physique, my state of health, as it will any academic credentials I gain along the way.

None of it is by any means in the bag, there is a mountain to climb over the next three years or so, I could stumble, fail, but that's just how it is, is how anything worthwhile in life is, hard work, persistence, overcoming adversity, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm sure many if not all you readers have your own journey, I doubt its much different in its essentials, I'm sure you're battling hard too, I hope you are making headway. I also hope you can pause a second to take a photo, capture the moment, savour it, is what life is all about.

I wish you well.

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