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The Five Anti-Food Groups

The main health claim for fibre is that it GETS IN THE WAY of the digestive process – it is an anti-digestive ‘food’. Likewise the sugar in fruits prevents proper absorption of vitamin C, vegetables are loaded with anti-nutrients, most drinks divert you away from pure water, and seed oils were invented to replace proper fats. When we consider the main food groups in the official ‘My Plate’, we find all of them have this ‘anti’ quality, they are ANTI-FOODS.

Fibre is the clearest case of this. The benefits listed from eating fibre all derive from the fact that it is NOT food, it is indigestible plant matter. Its very bulk aims to trick the body’s satiety mechanism into believing we have ingested actual food, including calories, when we have not. Inside the small intestine it slows down the progress of material through the tract, hinders the absorption of nutrients, and then prevents the recycling of bile and cholesterol back to the liver. This is considered a good thing, on the assumption that lowering cholesterol in the bloodstream is desirable. Once in the colon it absorbs water, more fat and cholesterol, encourages bacterial growth, including harmful strains, and holds up the defecation process - inefficiency and waste is celebrated.

Fruits also contains a minimal amount of nutrients, and in the case of vitamin C their sugar content competes for the same cell receptors as this vitamin. Worse, because people believe they are getting their vitamins from eating fruit, they neglect to consume the actual foods richest in vitamins – organ meats. Fruits are an anti-vitamin.

Vegetables take this one step further. Those containing oxalates and phytates actually deplete the body’s mineral stores, which end up being excreted instead. All of the nutrients they do contain are packaged with toxins, chemical defences designed to deter predators from eating them. Plant proteins such as gluten can wreak havoc in the gut, plant fats - phytosterols - that do manage to gain entry into the cells of the small intestine are expelled immediately and sent for excretion.

Seed oils are specifically marketed as substitutes for animal fats, they are ‘anti’-fat by design. Seed oils massively trigger an inflammatory response throughout the body, even more so if heat is applied to them in cooking. This is in direct contrast with the anti-inflammatory properties of animal sourced fats and oils, especially the omega 3’s. They are an ‘anti-anti-inflammatory’ food.

Drinks other than pure water fall into the same ‘anti’ categories. Most brands of electrolyte are ‘hypotonic', that is, they dilute the amount of salts in the body’s fluids. Soft drinks dehydrate, highly sugared fruit drinks and alcoholic beverages likewise. Their main function is to reinforce a palate conditioned to sweet tastes and so to encourage consumption of the other anti-food groups.

The nutrition mainstream promote these food groups because they have no understanding of WHY we eat, and therefore WHAT we should eat (see here). They completely miss vital foods such as collagen and salts as a result. They also confuse the MEDICINAL properties of some plants with NUTRITION, whereas these are two entirely different functions. Phytates for example can remove iron when levels are excessive, this does NOT mean they qualify as a nutrient, one of the body’s building blocks.

Plants, fruits, even fibre, do contain constituents that can be helpful in the treatment of medical conditions such as cancers, under the right circumstances. This does not make them FOODS, to be included in the regular day to day diet of healthy people, for exactly the same reason that medications should not be either. We do not randomly throw drugs down our necks in the vain hope they will protect us from some disease in the future, or if we do, not only is this a bad idea, it does not turn such drugs into forms of nutrition. They are still medicine not food, its just that we are too confused to recognise the difference


Don’t be confused – know the real food groups, and know the anti-food groups. Eat the one every day, turn to the other if you run into problems and they can help. This is basic nutrition 101, it says a lot that our mainstream establishment does not even grasp this much.

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