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Ladies, Who Do You Want Your Men To Look Like ?

I got talking to a couple of females in a cafe. They saw I was reading a book on nutrition. One had just read Michael Greger's 'How Not To Die', and she did a 'whole-food plant based diet'. She was surprised when I told her I recommended foods sourced from animals, meat, fish, eggs, dairy.

So who is right ? Well, ladies, it depends what you want in a man. If you want him to look like Michael Greger, you know what to feed him, and if you want him to look like Shawn Baker, then you know what to feed him too.

This is a serious point. Its a genuine choice. There is a massive push on at the moment to produce men who look like Greger, and to regard Shawn Baker's physique as something negative - as an example of toxic masculinity, or just plain freakish.

Yes, we are what we eat, so what do you want - a houseplant or an animal ?

As it happens, I know who the second female wanted, it was her who opened the conversation. If I'd looked like Greger I can guarantee she never would have.

I go into this question further here. There is a direct relationship between aesthetics - how we look - and ethics - what we consider as eating, and living, well.

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