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Growing Lettuce - Nothing Natural Here

Not far from where I live they 'grow' lettuce. I recently found out how. There is nothing natural about it, is quite shocking.

My area is mostly dairy country, with some beef in the mix. But there are lettuce and other green produce farms scattered around. Out in the bush on the fireline one day, I met a contractor who had just been putting lettuce plants into a field. He told me how these 'healthy greens' are produced.

First, they are not grown in fields, but in greenhouses, totally artificial and controlled environments, usually with elevated CO2 levels, because plants love CO2. They are then transplanted mechanically at a certain stage in their development. As they are put in the ground they also receive an injection of chemical fertilisers. This contains enough nutrients to see them through to maturity and harvest.

They grow in a field, but the land contributes nothing. This is because it has nothing to contribute, it has been completely denuded of organic soil and nutrition. This is the effect of modern agricultural practice, it turns the land into sterile desert. It looks green to the eye, but its a trick, an illusion.

The lettuce ends up in the supermarket somewhere, and people who have no idea buy it thinking it is good for them, this artificially produced bundle of chemicals. It isn't, its pure poison, leave it alone.

If you are going to buy vegetables then at least find some organic ones, don't encourage this desertification of our land. But organic has its problems too, its not really a viable alternative, and in any case lettuce is tasteless and nutritionally barren, its just filler, decoration, and full of anti-nutrients, that is, not only does it have negative calories, it draws out nutrients from your body rather than put them in. Most plants do that, its because they don't want to be eaten, and this is their revenge on you for doing so.

Aside from the nutritional aspect, the issues here are about land use and sustainability, about the viability of our farming communities. I presume the farmer chooses to grow lettuce because there is more money in it than beef or dairy. This is a problem we need to address, if we care about the environment and about our rural areas. In the meantime, please don't buy lettuce from the supermarket, and whatever you do, don't eat it.

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