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Don't Eat Fat, Because Its Delicious. Puritanism Lives !

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

My textbook, 'Understanding Nutrition', concedes that fat provides 'delicious flavours and aromas'* in cooking. But if we indulge in such pleasures, we will be punished. There is an interesting moralism at work here that is worth exploring.

Mainstream nutrition claims to be about science. I don't believe them. The science is awful anyway, but I don't think it matters, the underlying motivation is elsewhere. Its about morality.

'Fat is bad, if you eat it you will get fat and die of a heart attack'.

'Fat is not bad because it will make you sick - it makes you sick because it is bad'.

This is why you should eat your greens, because they taste disgusting, but if you are good boy or girl then maybe you can enjoy a little fat too, you have earnt a small reward through your suffering. But not too much now.

I think this mentality is why the mainstream are so blind to the difference between fat and sugar, or even salt and sugar. Fat is food, salt an essential nutrient, sugar is a drug, but none of that is relevant, the real point is they all taste delicious, they provide pleasure. That puts them all in the same class.

Looking at the examples of 'fatty foods' our nutritionists give throughout their book, we consistently find things like biscuits, cake, or potato chips. These are the junk foods carefully assembled by corporate technicians to entice us into a world of sinful delight. We must resist such temptations, or else !

Mainstream nutrition is simply the flip side of the processed food industry, they are two sides of the same coin. This is a story about good and evil.

This is fascinating. We live in a post-Christian secular world, but we haven't moved very far.

I don't know if our textbook authors are Seventh Day Adventists, but the influence of this bizarre sect is not hard to detect. In any case, Christianity has been with us for two thousand years, its imprint is not so easy to shake off.

How then to respond ? Nietzsche provides the clue, it is to go, 'Beyond Good and Evil'.

The idea is not to embrace processed junk, but to reject the choice - between foods that are good for you but at best are totally bland (cereals, grains) and at worst absolutely disgusting (broccoli, sprouts), and foods that taste delicious but will kill you (donuts).

This is why the fats from animal products are so critical, they shift the goal posts, they remove the coin and replace it with another - we can eat food that is both healthy and delicious, think steak, pate, caviar, cream...

Our mainstream nutritionists will never accept this, it is profoundly disturbing to their entire world view, it strikes deep into their very sub-conscious. Of course, they will frame the argument in terms of 'science', the 'diet/heart hypothesis' and other such nonsense, because that is how our present day world conducts debates, it is our Modern cultural frame of reference. But no one really cares about LDL cholesterol, once that theory is disproved they will simply invent another mechanism to keep us from enjoying animal derived foods. What really motivates them is SIN, pleasure is sinful, and will be punished.

* p. 137

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