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One kilo of rump steak, butcher left the fat on for me, direct from a farm 10km up the road. Heaven in a pan.

A full kilo is a bit of a treat, I normally go a little smaller, but I had a good gym session beforehand and this is my only meal of the day. Price was $23, at top end of budget but the OMAD really does help with affordability. The only other thing I will have today is some Greek yoghurt for dessert, earlier I had coffee.

I cooked it on a high heat, threw in a dob of butter and some Himalayan salt on top. When it was done I poured the butter and fat onto the steak for extra juices. I cooked this a little longer than usual, but still nice and pink in the middle. Since I've been doing carnivore my taste has shifted towards more rare, the other day I had some smaller steaks which I just seared on the outside, they were pretty much raw apart from the outer coating. I get why people go for raw, am developing a taste for it. That day I also had some raw tuna, the bright red kind as in sashimi.

Cooking carnivore is such a breeze. Think about all the preparation you have to do with vegetables, the peeling, the chopping, and then the endless boiling. None of that, throw it in the pan and in 5 minutes max its done. I love the ease and convenience.

It was a big steak, and it did fill me up. I have to say though, that eating a large quantity of meat like this leaves a totally different feeling from eating carbs, satisfied, but not really 'full', as in stomach stretched, bloated, is way more comfortable a sensation.

Steaks like this are my staple, my default meal, but I mix it up with lamb roasts, salmon, burgers from ground beef, eggs and bacon. I make pate from liver and have that as a starter, got some kidneys from the butcher today and will throw them in with the liver for my next batch. I add in anchovies too for salt and flavour.

That's pretty much the extent of my culinary expertise. Carnivore makes it all so easy. If you're not doing it already, give it a try.

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